Who Are We?

Unchained Voice is you.

And you.

And you in the back, way over there. Yes. You too.

We are the voices of all who are brave enough to share our stories. This site is dedicated to ensuring that your voice is heard. We all have experiences and at times it can feel like we are the only one battling what life throws at us. We want you to know that you are not alone and there are others that would benefit from hearing they are not alone. Please, with courage and fearlessness, let us help you put your story out there for all to hear.

Here are the folks behind the scenes making the magic appear on the screen!

Adam Wilkinson

Adam created Unchained Voice with a vision to include all that wanted to have their say. He is a high school teacher by day and a fearless warrior writing out his truth by night. He is a firm believer in karma and that everything happens for a reason. He believes the universe has a way of correcting itself or intervening to put us on the correct path. He is always open to new experiences and re-experiencing the old as there are new lessons to learn everywhere. He makes it a mission to learn or experience one new thing a day, and two new things on the weekends. He is an introvert at heart, but is constantly on the move and loves to connect with people.


Chris Reiser

14732193_10207470832159470_8579130113974997002_nChris is one of the founding team members of Unchained voice and is a single father to two girls. With his bachelor in communications and an intricate knowledge of computer stuff, he is a resource the rest of the team would be lost without. His honest yet satirical style of writing is a welcomed part of the contributions to Unchained Voice. As the second half of the original two that created Unchained Voice, Chris tends to to shy away from the more serious soul-searching, life lessons, sharing of experiences and motivational & inspirational material and leave those to the other terrific writers. He does however, dip his feet occasionally in the pool, but his comfort zone is brutal truth and satire.


Debbi Serafinchon

img_20160331_180622The newest team member to Unchained Voice, Debbi welcomes the opportunity to work along side Adam and Chris. As a passionate lover of life, she jumps into the deep end with both feet and knows that while the journey is not an easy one, it is one she needs in order to learn. This divorced mom to four older children finds her writing tends to be about what she thinks are life’s big questions and how she has found or is seeking to the find answers. She is a content manager that brings the skills to make the voices on Unchained heard by many.