image Centering the Yin and the Yang.

Happiness can’t exist without sadness. Negativity can’t exist unless their is positivity. Life can’t exist without death. Love can’t exist without hate. 

These extremes are both necessary within our lives. We often measure our current level of happiness as we compare it to a time of some level of sadness. How can we truly appreciate happiness if we have never experienced sadness?

We often associate sadness as a negative emotion, and in most cases it is. However, sadness is an inevitable part of life. Sadness is necessary, just as the Yang is necessary to balance the Yin.

The Yin represents the metaphysical “negative” or “dark” forces in our lives. The Yang, its counterpart represents the “light” or the “truth” in our lives.

One can’t exist without the other. One gives balance to the other. If the Yin or the Yang were to stand alone, it would essentially be meaningless. 

As humans we are all prone to emotionalism. We have our good days and we have our bad days. We have our successes and we have our failures. We all have had those moments of triumphs and those moments of despair.

Sometimes it may even seem unfair to see its existence in the universe; the existence that there is good and bad. It can be frustrating when viewed as good things happening to bad or undeserving people or bad things happening to good people.

Yet we need this dichotomy in the universe, and not just with ourselves, but to truly appreciate the balance in which we need to live our daily lives.

While we need this balance and its existence, it’s important to note that the symbols are not meant to represent “good versus evil.” The association of the Yang  is not intended to have a negative connotation.

The Yang is necessary within all of us. We must foster and help nourish it to help promote our own internal balance. It’s necessity is vital to our own happiness and well being.

Having a strong Yang presence can give us the ability to overcome life obstacles. It can also give us a proper perspective on life in which to weigh the good from the bad.

Having and abundance of Yang can be bad because it can lead to depression, anxiety and an inability to respect and appreciate its counterpart. The Yang gives us our life experience and absorbing too much of it may throw us off balance within our own being. We tend to get angry more easily, make rash decision and act impulsively. The key here is balancing the two.

The Yin is equally important as the light is often meant to exemplify the joys and successes we obtain in life. Having a strong Yin can be interpreted as being optimistic and joyful.

If we are out of balance with our Yin, we may become weak and naive. We may become more susceptible to ignore brutal truths that are right in front of us. We may also begin to avoid and dodge our own problems. Furthermore, we may begin to become indecisive and hesitate. Both of which can lead to missed opportunities spurned by overthinking events.

Having a strong Yin can lead to blissful ignorance as we may simply accept anything that is good and stop merely at that. An abundance of Yin can potentially lead us to take on too many challenges and responsibilities in life. It can create unwarranted stress as we attempt to push ourselves to do too much and give us a false sense of confidence and security.

It is important that we are able to understand the balance of the Yin and the Yang and respect both sides of the symbol. Operating from the center affords us the ability to learn and appreciate the good and the bad. The Yin and the Yang should not be in conflict with each other, they should work together to keep the human spirit and soul in tact. It should also help promote emotional stability when working together instead of working in opposition of each other. 

How can we ever truly appreciate a success or victory unless we have tasted and learned from our defeats? Living in balance gives us a scale of emotional measurement. It is a frame of reference.

Not every success we encounter is great just as not every defeat is negative. Living and understanding the balance lets us appreciate how good an experience is or can be or how bad an experience is or can be.

It is important we understand this distinction and balance. The sun will always rise just as the night sky will always fall upon us. We must respect and appreciate the differences and be able to comprehend that the light and the dark are not in conflict with each other. They are necessary to unite as one so the other can be appreciated, understood and so that we may show proper respect to the balance. 

Being out of balance places us in a position to only understand one side of any situation. Every action we take leads to a reaction and we must be equipped with the emotional, intellectual and spiritual tools necessary to understand the consequences of living too much on one side of the symbol.

The true duality of the symbol is our ability to balance the light and darkness in our own lives. If we can learn to live and function without the assumption of an internal struggle, then we are taking the proper steps to balance our Yin and Yang.

When working in harmony and balance, our lives will feel more centered. We will have an increased feeling of control and create a deeper connection to our inner self. Our actions will then be a direct reflection of the balance from our understanding of the inner metaphysical being; the light and the dark – the good and the bad working in unison and not in opposition of each other. 

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: flickr

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