image The Mysterious Dream World.

I have free-fallen from the air, I have lost teeth, I have seen people that I haven’t seen in years or no longer walk this earth.

Dreams are so very unique because of the images our brain conjures while we are asleep. Some folks say that we can control our dreams, others say we are powerless to control them. Some also hint that the dreams we have contain meaning.

According to Victoria Lane and her dream book, free-falling from the sky, may mean I am feeling a loss of control of an aspect of my life. Losing teeth might suggest I am having financial troubles or worries and other people that appear in my dreams are really just a manifestation of my own self.

For the most part, her assessment at the time of my dreams were accurate. I have went through certain times where I felt a loss of control of certain areas of my life. I have certainly had occasional financial difficult times as well. I do however question the manifestation of myself when others appear in my dream, but I do lend credence to the notion that all dreams hold meaning and contain an interpretation that we should explore.

There are so many books about dreams. So many have studied dreams and published their findings and opinions. One thing appears to be certain through all the differing theories and studies about dreams: there is no concrete evidence to support most claims.

Almost every theory or study performed can be proven or dis-proven depending on the constants and the variables provided for each experiment.

The only real truth I believe is the scientific aspect of dreaming. That being that we all have the capability to dream, as dreams are our brains at work while our bodies are in slumber.

Beyond the scientific aspect, I do personally believe that our dreams have meaning. When we dream our subconscious is lowered and the mind is free to roam beyond our normal awakened protective walls. Our mind is operating unfiltered.

Dreaming can also have a tremendous impact on our emotional state of mind.

I have awoken from some emotional dreams that were almost life reenactments of troubled events from my past. Those types of dreams would usually take me a second or two to realize it was just a dream and it is not my current reality.

Dreams have affected me in two dramatic ways.

First, dreams tend to haunt me. It has been too long since I have had a happy dream where I awoke feeling blessed. I almost consider my dreams to be nightmares in the sense that I am remembering some type of loss in my life or an altered version of a dramatic event.

Having these types of dreams signifies to me that I live with unfortunate regrets in my life. I also feel as if they signal to me that my conscious is guilty and impure. I tend to talk in my sleep, blurt out absurd comments and revealing statements. I can feel the emotions in my dreams. Some have been so dramatic that it may cripple me for part of the day and in extreme cases, and entire day.

Other dreams have borne more psychological fruit. Laying next to the one I love and dreaming of her has been a revealing reality of my life. If I have ever had my doubts of whether I have loved a girl, I need only to lay next to her and close my eyes. If my dreams are filled with her, even as she lay next to me, I know it to be true love. Either way it is a victory. If I awake, there she is, if I fall back asleep, there she is again in my dreams.

Occasionally, but more rare than the haunting dreams, I will relive in the mind of my dreams of past glories and happy times. However these too can be a double edged sword as when I awaken, I realize those days are behind me. Yet they are still wonderful memories that I enjoy revisiting from time to time when my brain opens those memories back up to me.

Dreams are powerful. They have offered me guidance and comfort at times as well as a way to address and understand my problems. By understanding and searching for the meaning of my dreams had helped me grow emotionally and intellectually as my dreams have always revealed something to me. They reveal questions of uncertainty and sometimes harsh truths that I need to address.

Sometimes dreams can be random and contain no meaning and end up being just our minds completely free of our guarded protection. Dreams can open up inner doors to our minds that we once closed and let us explore deeper the inner workings of our soul, our wants and our true desires.

Some dreams happen so fast that we forget them as soon as we awaken. Even a dream that can evoke the most powerful emotions can be forgotten in a matter of seconds once we regain our senses and bearings of reality. The emotions may hit us hard, but diminish quickly as we re-enter our current reality.

Yet not let our dreams go ignored. Every dream can tell us something about ourselves. They can reinforce what we already know and feel or they can open up a once closed door/emotion in our life that we need to examine more closely. In a sense it affords us an opportunity for more clarity.

The most intimate relationship we will ever have with is with ourselves. Let our dreams serve as a blueprint to help discover and reaffirm our inner most thoughts and desires. By doing so, we learn more about who we really are and learn if we can accept the person we are when all guards are down and the mind is speaking its truth to us.

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: flickr

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