image Unchained Voice Video Blog Introductions.

We are young. We are the new kids on the block (not the boy band obviously.) We are new players in a game that has began almost twenty years ago with the introduction of the digital age. 

We want to inspire, motivate, share and create a community where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, opinions, comments and overall voice within our world. 

Our world is small at the moment, it is growing. It is our hope that as our world grows, you will be a part of it! I feel a bit like Uncle Sam pointing my finger and saying, “We want you!” However that is true, we do want you. We value any and all mindful submissions to the sites.

We also need a helping hand to spread our message, which we hope is a message you will take to heart and make it a message of your own and share with others. It is our aim to make this community grow and for you to be a part of it.

Rarely do I use the term “you” in any of my writings, but this is an appeal to any and all of those out there who like what they have seen, enjoy what we done, and enjoy what we are doing. We hope that more people will join us, either as contributors, followers, offering comments, sharing quotes/images and especially articles you may enjoy written by our authors and potentially even you! or even if it is just to sit back from time to time to enjoy the content in which any and all of us produce.

Below is a clip of my co-creator Chris Reiser and myself talking a bit about the mission and vision of the site. For anyone who wishes to be involved, we would happily publish any mindful submission or video blog. All you need to do is email it to and we will publish your voice.

Finally, in case you miss it in the video, please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter through the links provided at the bottom of and to also subscribe to our new YouTube channel, which we plan to update weekly and add any video blog submission from any other contributors. We also use Instagram to publish and promote the works of our writers as well as post many different quotes and images that are a bit different from those found on our Facebook page.

We really hope you enjoy and feel inspired to join us as we all grow together!

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: flickr

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