image Why I want You to be My First.

I can do it alone, but I’d much rather have you with me.

There’s so much in this world I want to do that I’ve never done before. I want to climb the tallest mountain in the world, I want to stand on a place on this earth that no human has stood before. I want to share my inner most desires, hopes, dreams and secrets. I want to travel to exotic locations I’ve never been to. I want to see new parts of the world. I want to be touched somewhere I’ve never been touched before, whether it be somewhere on my body, in my heart, soul, or in my spirit.
I can do all this, and more on my own, but I want you beside me for my first time. I want you beside me not because I can’t do it by myself, but because I want you to experience and enjoy it with me. 
I want to find out the things you’ve never done and always wanted to do and I want to do them with you and be your first. Not because you can’t do it alone, but because I want to experience it with you. I want to share in your excitement, your fulfillment. I want to create a memory that lasts longer than the experience. I want to create a place or a memory that we both can go back to when the experience ends. A place we can instantly connect to and look back and call it “ours.” A place within a place. 
I can walk down a path in this world alone, and I can see all the beauty of this path, but I prefer to have an extra set of eyes. I prefer to have an extra soul to connect with on this path. To create together, to enhance the experience through the connection of another human being besides me. I prefer to have someone next to me that if I stumble upon this path, they help me stand upright and continue along. I prefer to have someone beside in case they stumble upon the path so that I may do the same and help them through the bumps on the path.
Most importantly, I want you to be my first so that when I do it again, I think of you. If you are deserving enough to be my first then I’ll want to think of you every time I climb the tallest mountain, or every time I stand where no human has stood on the planet. I want to think of you when I’ve been touched on my body, heart, soul or spirit.

As much as I want you to my first, I want to be your first too. I want you to think of me when you make your second rounds through all the things you’ve wanted to do for the first time. 

I want you to be my first so we can create a place that is our own. Filled with exciting journeys, intimate connections, special moments and a world where only the two of us exist.
The first time is always the most special. It might not always be the most perfect, but it always stands out and is always memorable. I want to remember you and every detail about you on our first journey together. And then I want you to do more firsts with me. And then I want to do more firsts with you.
I only have one life to live and I want to experience and do it all. I can travel a road alone, or do anything by myself, but I choose to do something for the first time with you in hopes that you will choose to do something for the first time with me. 
When I go back for round two, I hope you will be there to help me perfect it, or find a new nuance of the experience/journey, but if you are not around for that second go around, I will have learned from our first together. It will make me a stronger, smarter, more well-rounder person and I will be able to guide others through their “firsts.”
However on my journey, on my path, I choose you to be my first. To help me enhance my experience. To learn what is needed to be learned. To share the joy of experience and creation together. So that when we go back for seconds, whether together or with someone else, we carry a part of each other with us and pass that along to whoever is with us on this second round.
Life is beautiful, and there is so much to do. Life is best spent in the company of another human who is willing to take a risk and do something for the first time with you. To create that connection that lasts a lifetime even if that person is not around for the next journey. Because I choose you to be my first means I choose to always carry you with me in my heart and soul. A connection or bond that can not be broken. 
Any others that follow me for another round will learn from our first experience together. They will succeed you, but never replace you as my first. In this, your memory will be honored and we will both help others grow by experiencing their new “firsts.” We will share our experiences with others, or maybe we will be fortunate to do it again and perfect it and really call it our own.
I choose you to be my first because I want you, not because I need you. I am inspired by you and I connect with you. So don’t be afraid to take a risk if I ask you to be my first. I’ll never ask you to be my last. Only you can decide if the experience is worthy of finality. I choose you because my soul yearns for you to be with me to experience something new.
Author: Adam Wilkinson

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