image Those Magic Moments that define True Love.

Every person who has ever felt true love in their heart has a story to tell. Each story is unique and rarely are any two stories the same.Whether we are currently in single, in a relationship or even married, we have experienced something that we don’t always see or feel to its fullest effect at first glance sometimes.

It’s a moment that was special, a moment we will never forget; a magic moment.

These are the moments when we are with someone we care deeply for and we begin to realize how special they are and how much they mean to us. These are the moments we will talk about at cocktail parties of how we met the love of our life. These are the moments that no matter how long we live we will never forget them.

Magic moments don’t happen often. I believe that’s why true love evades many of us. It can also be the reason two people decide to build a life together. It is the spark that ignited true passion and deep intimacy between two people.

Sometimes these moments can happen early on, sometimes they take a little while to happen, but inevitably, for a successful relationship to maintain and grow, there has to be that one moment in time that catches both people and takes their breath away.

I’ve dated enough women to know and understand that if after enough time had passed, if no special moments have been shared, then the relationship isn’t a meaningful one. Sure it can have value and teach us life lessons, but more often than not, without that one true moment of our souls deeply connecting or experiences something magical together, the relationship fades away for one reason or another.

Perhaps it was a lack of chemistry between myself and the many failed relationships I have been a part of. Perhaps it was a sign that we were never meant to be more than just friends or even a part of each other’s lives. However it is chance we take whenever we enter someone else’s life and allow them into our life.

To complicate things even further, I have had magic moments with women I am no longer with that I have had immense chemistry with. Those magic moments didn’t produce a successful relationship, but they still hold a place in my memories and in my heart.

We all have different ideas about romanticism and those magic moments. For some of us, it may be a long walk on the beach at sunset exploring the depths of each other’s soul. For others it may be a life experience that was shared where both people had a great time together at an event or function that brought us closer together. It is a moment that can’t be forced and has to happen naturally.

The common denominator is that something sparked between two individuals that unified them or us as one.

These are the moments that we will never forget, whether we are still with that person or not. These are the moments are hearts, soul and happiness were elevated to a level rarely obtained. They don’t happen often or with everyone so we know it and feel it when it happens.

These magic moments end up defining our unique bond. We tend to hold on tightly to the memories of these moments because we understand the rarity that they do not happen often.

Looking back, all the relationships I once had that contain a deep bond and connection had that special; that magical moment. I can’t claim many, but again, the few that have had are ingrained in my thoughts and memories for eternity.

My very first “girlfriend” I had was when I was four years old. It was more of a family joke at the time but old home movies do show me protecting her (and also opening her presents at her birthday party and trying to steal the attention.) She moved away about a year later and I lost contact with her for almost thirty years.

I reconnected with recently and sparks flew immediately between us both. It took us both by surprise and I don’t think either of us thought that it would amount to a continued true and everlasting love. Our first encounter together, embracing after almost thirty years apart is a memory I will never forget.

Another girl I dated frequently throughout high school and would run in to her occasionally after graduation. After high school and college we went through about a ten year drought without seeing each other. We always had a strong physical chemistry together but we never had a defining; magical moment.

When we reconnected, we shared many deep meaningful moments that had eluded us in our early years. We traveled to exotic locations, opened up our souls and connected deeper than I have ever connected with anyone ever before. It would be hard to pinpoint just one magic moment with this special girl because there were so many. The fact that there were so many was a big sign to me at the time that our reconnection happened for a reason.

While that relationship eventually ran its course, all of the magic moments stick with me. All the traveling, the concerts, dancing off-rhythm together (we both have two left feet when it comes to dancing) the long walks in the evening, picnics by the lake and so many other moments that I feel blessed to have experienced, yet I feel conflicted in sharing because I want them to remain special memories for her and I alone.

In that regard I am a bit selfish with my magic moments, however I do understand and appreciate the importance of having them. Each one that occurred with each girl brought us closer together and created an eternal bond that can’t be replicated with another.

Magic moments are special moments that catch us off guard and always leave us wanting more. Think back on some of your most intimate relationships? What were the truly defining moments? Those are the moments we will cherish in our hearts and minds for as long as we live. They are places, memories and bonds frozen in time and thought and can only be shared by the two people who experienced them together. The magic moments that can always bring a warm smile to our heart and soul any time we choose to revisit them.

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: Aaron Tait-flickr

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