image One Life to Live, One Soul to Search.

Life is precious. Life is also finite. How we choose to live our lives is a combination of many internal and impersonal factors. We weren’t simply put on this earth to work, bread and die. There must be a greater purpose to it all.

Each of us individually must determine what that reason is for us to live. We must search our souls and find our own purpose. The searching we conduct and the results we find go a long way to determining who we are and the impact we will have on this earth.

I feel as if I have found my purpose. Yet I as I strive for more, I can’t help but wonder what else I am either destined to accomplish or what amazement’s will cross my path. I push myself to discover new aspects of my life that motivate and inspire me to live my life a certain way.

I am an old soul. I believe in being chivalrous, passionate, hard working, kind, understanding, accepting, open-minded, and fairness. I believe in karma – to the extent that bad things will happen to us if we do bad things. I have yet to receive the blessings of optimism, though I am trying to grow that character trait within my being.

Fairness and karma are two thoughts I have recently spent a decent amount of time meditating and reflecting over.

I practice an unorthodox method of meditation. Traditional meditation calls for the complete clearing of the mind; silence; to hear our inner voice speak to us. I practice this method on occasions, but I also practice an additional method where I clear my mind of all but one thought. I then think deeply on that one thought.

Lately it has been about fairness and karma.

It’s comes as no secret to anyone that life simply isn’t fair. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Someone who acts unkindly to others may receive certain precious gifts in life such as love, affection, career success and many more good indulgences.

Someone who walks the righteous path may become sick, or roam the earth alone destined for a life of solitude. They may be kind to all people, yet when all the cards are dealt, they are left with bad cards or no cards at all.

So what does this all mean?

Do our beliefs and actions match the lives we live? Are our intentions pure? Does that even matter? These are just a few questions I have pondered over during my months of deep thinking.

I have had people be very rude to me. Unjustifiably so. “Turn the other cheek,” The Good Book says (I am not a Bible thumper, but I have learned some valuable life lessons from that Book along with other religious and ancient texts.) I can do that, however at what point does they become perceived as weakness.

“Stand up for yourself, speak your mind, exude confidence and don’t hold back expressing your thoughts and emotions,” I have told myself. Be authentic. Sometimes this leads to unnecessary battles that simply don’t need to be fought. Does this lead me to living an inauthentic life if I don’t act upon my feelings?

These are more questions that keep crossing my brain as I continue to ponder my life. I am confident in my beliefs and what I stand for. Yet I still have many questions, with the main one being (summed up in a nutshell) “why?”


This is another gift I have yet to be blessed with. Instead, I have chosen a path of spiritualism, a path of self-discovery within. This path however had been bumpy for me as I am still affected and influenced by the actions and words of others.

It is a work in progress. I am still learning how to silence my inner voice. I am still learning how to live without attachments. I am still learning to feel comfortable and expand upon my own personal confidence despite the hypocrisy that surrounds me.

I do not claim to be above such people nor do I wish to be cast in a light of righteousness above my fellow man. I am still learning. I will forever be a student of my own growth and development as a member of the world.

I do recognize injustice, inequities and unfairness in the world around me. I am still learning to accept these things.

I am not a revolutionist and do not claim to, or feel I have the strength to be a leader or represent the voices of those who feel life is unfair and the lack of justice within the world.

I can continue to do my part and learn to live and love my life the way it is. I can continue to grow and push myself to be a better person. I can accept all that I am not, while trying to change parts that I want to be.

Life is short. Look at a timeline of existence. Our time won’t even account for a small dot on the timeline unless we are fortunate enough to make a contribution to society that will surpass our own life span on this earth.

With all of this said I feel that we should all strive for happiness in life. Do what makes you happy. At the end of our lives will we look back. How do we want to remember the time we spent? Did we enjoy our time on this planet? Did we have fun? Did we leave a legacy behind? Did we contribute something to society or affect the lives of others so that our name will live on?

The first thing we are given in this world is our name. The last thing we will be remembered by is our name. What will others say?

Now put all of those questions away, because the truth is, for our own happiness and selfish purposes, they are irrelevant. It’s a sobering fact to hear, but once our time on this planet is over, we won’t even have our memories to look back on. Others may, but what is more important? The life you live in the moment or the life people perceived you live when your time is up?

Do it all. Experience it all. Do and experience it all with a fierce passion. We only get one round on this earth. We can find sincere happiness and still be a good person. Take chances, take risks. We never know what are full potential is unless we are willing to lose the weight of fear and put ourselves out there.

Never close the door on anything that makes you happy or once brought you happiness.(This is a code/mantra I believe very deeply in.) There are too many rules in life. Listen to your heart and soul. Those are the rules we should live by. Everything else is just a suggestion.

Smart and intelligent people who have lived before us have given us an outline of moral codes and laws to live by, but none should supersede the laws of our true emotions. However we choose to come to our own conclusions about right, wrong, happiness or unhappiness is a personal choice we all must make independently. However I will add that we should also keep I mind that our words and actions can affect the lives of others so we need to be aware of that notion.

Live in the present. Live for happiness. Strive for happiness. Live to accept, not reject. Keep doors open, not closed. The more doors that are open to us increases the chance of finding true happiness. Finally, if we can incorporate our happiness in to a positive impact and affect on others than we have truly found the answer to finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and happiness.

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: Georg K-flickr

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