image Balancing my Chakra’s.

Balance is harmony. When we live in balance with our Chakra’s, we feel a deeper sense of connection with the world and the people we connect within it.

There are seven Chakra’s that represent a spiritual power in the human body.

  1. The Crown Chakra which regulates intellectualism and wisdom.
  2. The Third-Eye Chakra which regulates thoughts and dreams.
  3. The Throat Chakra which regulates expression and communication.
  4. The Heart Chakra which regulates love, affection and emotion.
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra which regulates fears and sense of powers.
  6. The Sacral Chakra which regulates confidence and sexuality.
  7. The Root Chakra which regulates security and survival.
    (This is just a basic introduction in to the seven Chakra’s, each has a deeper and more thorough meaning {along with additional regulations} of regulation and counter-balance.)

Many of us fail to open or properly balance these spiritual essences that allow us to feel an emotional balance and have more control in our lives. Having one or more closed or out of balance can explain a lot about our moods and our attitudes.

When examining the root of each Chakra, they are represented by different parts of our body; the purpose to be to connect our body to our spirit for giving and receiving energy. Engaging all of our Chakra’s allows up to open up and feel the energy of the earth at its fullest potential.

It is extremely difficult to maintain a proper balance on all seven Chakra’s.

Myself for example, I tend to place a higher emphasis the Crown, Heart and Sacral Chakra. However by placing a higher emphasis on those three areas, I tend to close, neglect or de-emphasize the importance of the other four Chakra’s, thus putting me out of spiritual balance.

This speaks to the nature of my desires as well. I desire to obtain knowledge, learn life-lessons and pass them along the way to the people I encounter.

I desire to love and be loved and to be an affectionate person. My body and soul yearn for the human physical touch and emotional connection.

Last but not least, I prioritize being able to connect on a deep physical and intimate level with my partner. This may be considered desire to express my sexuality and urges.

These are all defining features of myself that I feel I have less control over. They are my desires after all. They are what I chase after and they are the ones that give me the greatest life fulfillment.

Choosing to focus my spirit on opening only three of my Chakra’s leaves the other four less balanced and out of focus.

Every Chakra’s regulates through a part of our humanly body. When we are out of balance with other parts of our body, negative energy and emotions can take hold.

A lack of knowledge can lead to intense frustration and an unhealthy obsession to acquire knowledge. The same can be said for my other two Chakra’s that I tend to focus on. The others remained closed off or less utilized and regulated.

If we avoid the balancing act and focus on what we choose we may find a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment within the Chakra’s we choose to open up and place a higher emphasis on. However, it also leaves us vulnerable to spiritual imbalance because of the lack of usage of our other Chakra’s, which are all equally important.

Finding a balance for all seven is a difficult feet to accomplish. Not many in the world can make such claims to be in perfect harmony with all seven. Yet some of us try because we understand the importance and benefits of having a spiritual balance.

The benefits of inner peace and less attachments to the material possessions (and even people) we desire. The benefits also extend to a life of calmness and and a feeling of security in ones self. It also promotes health, physical, mental and emotional balance.

While each day I attempt to feed my spirit based off of these principles, I try to include more of the Chakra’s that I have been neglecting. I feel as if spiritual enlightenment is a bit out of my grasp, but as long as I continue to grow each day, no day will be a waste of my spiritual energy and progress.

One of the benefits of the practice of yoga is to tap in to these spiritual centers while exercising and stretching out body. Yoga offers many different poses they help tap each spiritual center zone.

Meditation can have an enormous impact on our physical and mental well-being.

The traditional meditative pose has numerous exercises intended to regulate our Chakra energy. Sitting with our legs crossed, back and shoulders straight, we can then begin the process of opening up our body and letting energy in to our body and spirit.

Hand placements, such placing our palms on our knees while focusing on breathing is on method to allow energy to run it course through us. We can also place our hands on bodily positions thus creating a “center” for energy to enter our body during the practice.

These are just some basic practices we can do to begin to balance our spiritual center. Yoga, mediation and spiritual connection are all practices that require a certain dedication, belief and maintenance to begin or continue on our journey for spiritual fulfillment.

Our spirit needs exercise and daily maintenance just as our minds and bodies do to continue to grow and be healthy. Tapping in to our own spirituality through our Chakra’s does not mean we need to give up faith or pronounce our faith in a new religion. Spiritual exercises and connecting the soul, spirit and body to feel the energy of the earth and our connection to the earth is a way to ground ourselves and stay in balance at our own individual centers.

The human spirit is something we can’t see or touch. If we focus closely and having a better understanding of how we can allow the energy to follow and connect through the various regions of our body, we can begin to better understand our own actions, desires and emotions.

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: new 1lluminati-flickr

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