image What my Soul yearn’s For.

All we have is time… Time to think, plan, execute, relax, meditate, improve, work – anything we want, really…

You can take time or give time; Waste, tell, kill, be on it, run behind it, or decide you don’t have it. But it is always there, as long as you’re breathing… You can do what you want with it.

Ask for it….
Run out of it.

Time in experiences is all a gift- evil, good, and growth. Something manmade; a human condition to schedule ourselves. Yet it always existed, and in life we are only given so much to use on this earth.

But all we really have is time.

Choose to be happy and love all that you do through it. Support yourself every single second even when you don’t want to.

Love yourself all the time.

That is the most valuable way to spend it.

Author: Krystina Nelson

Image: flickr

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