image The Culture of American Royalty.

If we pick up any standard textbook of the history of the world, we will uncover so many fascinating events. Events so unique and remarkable that not even the greatest artistic writers’ mind could dream up the evens in which the true events of the world unfolded.

We will read tales of how humans evolved and migrated in to different geographical areas of the world. We will read that these people in history experimented with different ways to live and the many different people who established rule over the people in the area of which they lived.

Eventually, if we read far enough in any of these textbooks, we will read about self-determination, and the right to govern for ones own land and peoples. Let us come back to that thought.

Currently, we live in a world with 195 independent countries. Now if we were to read up the historical creation of many of these countries, we would see that in the vast majority of these counties, at one point a king, queen or some other type of monarch or royalty once was the head of their countries.

These monarchs, for better or worse made all the decisions for their respective countries. Even if they had assistance in managing their country, the buck stopped with those in power. People looked up to these historical figures and in many cases assumed they were sent from God to rule over them. The divine right of ruling.

Now let us return to self-determination. Two relatively short documents were signed within a fifteen year period that altered the course of human existence. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.

Both of these documents served as sparks that ignited the idea of self-determination and that the people should rule themselves. No one man or woman would be sent from God to rule over the entirety of these people of a nation.

Massive revolutions in the world took place over the next 200 years and all of the monarchs of old had been removed from power from almost every country (a few exception still remain of course.)

What is unique though is that even after overthrowing these monarchs, the majority of these countries still recognize and pay homage in some way to the ancestors of those who once ruled over them. The living descendants of royals that once ruled, while stripped of all legal power, are still ceremonially celebrated in their respective countries.

In the UK we have direct descendants of the royal family (remember the royal wedding?) Spain has a monarch complete with a family blood line that can be traced all the way back to the 5th century. Almost all of Europe still clings and honors the living descendants of royalty within their counties.

Beyond Europe, many Asian counties as well honor the legacy of the living of those who once had power over the masses but no longer have any legal authority. Japan, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and many more just as examples.

Finally, we get to the good old U.S of A. We were the originators, the innovators and the creators of the documents that sparked a new world order. Granted, The Constitution states that, “no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States…” ~Article I, section 9. However this does not mean that we can’t admire those family members whose lineage delineates from these masterful minds who helped create such a great framework of a nation.

I know I would like to thank the ancestors of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and even later great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln Woodrow Wilson, both Roosevelt’s even J.F.K., however something strange occurred. There are no direct descendants of any of these great men! The only one who arguably may have a direct bloodline is Thomas Jefferson, but it is still “officially” in dispute and it is an illegitimate blood line at that.

These founding fathers helped influence others throughout the world to uprise and self-govern. Perhaps they would stand by the ethical foundation in which they created and the latter were a part of; the fact that we should not honor their ancestors based on their deeds, but honor them based on merit alone.

We do honor these magnificent leaders once a year in February during President’s Day, but we Americans are like the people of all the other countries. We want to honor someone and treat them as royalty. We want to treat them as a symbol of our nation. A symbol that is instantly recognizable to people everywhere and serve as representative of our nation.

However we don’t have relatives of these great leaders. So who do we turn to to idolize and recognize as our “royalty?” We turn to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

We turn to two individuals with no discernible talent (unless you consider their acts on pornographic websites as “talent.”) They were born with silver spoons in their mouths and they represent everything that is wrong with the culture of the US. The Constitution states in Article I, section 9 that we aren’t supposed to give titles of nobility to anyone without an act of Congress through merit.

Have these individuals deserved such accolades? I certainly should think not and if they are do, I am relocating to somewhere else in the world.

Perhaps the founding fathers and great leaders who led after them had it right all along. They may very well be rolling over in their graves to see our nation focus so intensely on the actions and worshiping the likes of the Kardashian’s, Hilton’s and the Kayne West’s, Jay Z’s and Miley Cyrus’s of our country. These are not people I look up to and I sincerely hope these are not the people that other countries look at and identify each American as acting like these people.

It is with this thought though that I envy a bit of the legacy left behind by other countries. They have historical royalty to look up to and honor, we have the above mentioned…for better or worse. Unfortunately, I feel it is for the worst.

My final thought on American royalty is that perhaps we should honor no one beyond the realm of which we can physically reach. Many of the individuals Americans we choose to look up to are cruel and undeserving of our admiration. They are self-absorbed and were in many cases born in to “royalty,” which again, The Constitution forbids us from recognizing that fact.

If we Americans want to honor someone as “royalty,” honor someone who has made a difference in our life. Honor our parents, honor our friends, honor a teacher, a doctor and most importantly, honor ourselves. I believe that’s what the founding fathers and great leaders that followed them had in mind. Certainly not people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Author: Adam Wilkinson

Image: flickr

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