image Hillary Clinton, do you solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution?

The primaries are in full swing as we “fear up” for the presidential election next fall, so the question needs to be addressed. Who is going to get the nod from their respective parties?

One could look at the issues and the candidates and say on paper this looks fairly easy. Why on earth would anyone vote for Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton should finally get her parties backing after paying her dues for the last 30 years right? Throw in the ordeal with her husband former Commander in Chief good old Billy and it seems from that stand point she should win based on sympathy votes alone.

Before I fully immerse myself in my opinion, I would like the record to state that I am an independent. I have voted for Republicans and I have voted for Democrats. I vote based off of issues and personally who I feel has the best candidate appeal to me.

I do find it this election season strange, as I’m sure most people do. You’ve got some other candidates in the mix that people like and are making some real noise. For example, Bernie Sanders is winning primaries that weren’t expected, as he is running on a platform of government revolution!! It’s funny because I’m sure he remembers when America originally revolted and sent the red coats on their way.

You’ve got guys on the Republican side who have much more experience than Trump with a much longer life span. Yet early on, he has the Republican voters and supporter in awe of his every move and word; for better or for worse.

The problem with this country is we will not vote for the most qualified candidate. I believe that putting everything aside Hillary is the most qualified to run the country at this point in our Nations history. I’m not a bleeding liberal or an uber conservative.

I find both parties have strengths and weaknesses and in my brief time on this earth I’ve learned one thing, the president usually ends up having to compromise more often than not, so essentially it really doesn’t matter where they stand on the issues or their political agenda. Once they get to Washington all bets are off; again, for better of for worse.

So now that I’ve said Hillary is the most qualified let me explain why that doesn’t matter, and why she may not likely get the presidential bid in my opinion from the Democrats. Hold on to your hats this may get bumpy.

The reason she will not be our next Commander in Chief is because she is a woman. Hopefully this isn’t breaking news but it’s true if you pay close attention.

I’ve come to this conclusion because just eight years ago, once again Hillary was campaigning for the opportunity to become the leader for the Democratic Party and the nation. She was even ahead in President Obama in the primary/caucuses at this point eight years ago. However she lost to a relatively inexperienced (compared to Hillary) young chap named Barack Obama who went on to become our President.

America has been fighting racism, racial issues and gender equality since its conception.

Remember there was a really big war that took place with a couple of those issue being the focal points. So the fact that America voted for the first African American man, before voting for a woman means a lot. I admittedly voted for Obama, but I like to think that if Hillary had been the nominee I would’ve voted for.. McCain.

I’m not sure why that happened in 2008, and I’m not sure why it will most likely happen now. I do think Hillary is the most qualified but I hope she doesn’t get the nomination because then I’d have a dilemma. Why is it that when it comes to the leader of the free world the thought of a woman running things is terrifying? I mean she did pretty well running the country from 1992 through 2000, remember Bill was really busy with his interns and Cuban cigars. Hillary really stepped up!

It seems that everything Hillary does is less scrutinized than her male counterparts. I mean really Hillary, personal emails from your work computer, hiding information about things you don’t want people to find out, having to testify in front of a committee about things you screwed the pooch on at work (Benghazi?) I mean what public servant does those things?

No other past leaders of our great country have ever lied to get ahead right?! Yes!! Of course they have, probably every one of them, and the last three presidents have been a huge production. We have had an impeachment, a false WMD hunt and a missing birth certificate! As a red blooded American I’m strongly against personal emails from any work computer. When your working you don’t use that time for personal things, unless you need to update Facebook, send out a tweet about the sandwich you ate for lunch or posting pictures via Instagram of the actual sandwich!! Come on Hillary, shame on you.

Hillary will not win because she is a woman, period. I wish that was different but it’s not. So we’re left with father time and the worst hairpiece in the history of mankind, and “The Donald.”

So what happens then? Your guess is a good as mine, I’d like to think that America isn’t a misogynistic and racist country, but it still is no matter how much lipstick we put on that pig (Sarah Palin.) As of 2016, I’ll say that our country is still both, but an argument can be made that it’s more misogynistic than ever!!

Author: Chris Reiser

Editor: Adam Wilkinson

Image: flickr

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