image About “Unchained Voice.”

Maybe you read an article/blog of mine published on a different site or maybe you have come here after reading an article posted or linked somewhere on social media.

Now you are here! You have clicked on the one article that describes and explains what this site is about and the brief history behind it.

First, let me welcome you and thank you for clicking on this article and this site! It is my sincere hope that some of the works on this site will inspire you to follow this page and the other social media pages attached to this site. I hope even more if you like what you read, you feel inspired to contribute. Hang on to that thought, as I will return shortly to that.

A brief history and why.

In the early summer of 2015, I went through a traumatic break-up. I felt lost, confused and frustrated as I felt I didn’t have a source or outlet to express my emotions. My ex had been out of the picture for about a month and we had just about completely cut ties with each other. However, I still had feelings I felt I needed to express. I felt I had a story to tell. Talking to her was not an option so I looked for an alternative to express my pent-up emotions.

I began writing for in the beginning of the summer of 2015. I wrote many articles about my feelings and my previous relationship. My early works were warmly received by the editors and the followers of that site.

Soon I found myself expressing emotions and expanding my comfort zone with my writing. I was connecting with people from all over the world who were reading my publications on It felt cleansing to my soul. I felt as if I found people who related to my experiences. It was so heart warming to communicate with so many different people who related to my experience. We shared stories, offered support and advice to each other. Many of which I am still in touch with today.

Not too long after, I entered elephant journal’s writers apprenticeship program.

I learned many things about writing, blogging, website management and social media sharing. I also made many connections within their community of readers, followers and writers. I sincerely enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.

However, as with all things in life, my time at elephant journal ended. My apprenticeship ended on January 1, 2016. I wrote a few more pieces for the site, but I wanted something a bit more. I loved what they had to offer, but I wanted to create something new. Something where the unfiltered voices of the world can speak to each other and express their emotions in a mindful manner. I wanted to create something unique, some place where people can read stories of peoples life lessons, and offer their own thoughts, experiences, emotions on just about any topic they desire with less of a filter.

Yes, I have created categories, but the sky is the limit. I titled one category “Unchained,” which is meant for anyone to write about anything their heart desires. I have, and will continue to post examples of what my intent is for that category, but the heart and soul of that category will be what readers and writers want it to be.

I have been trained, but by no means does that make me an expert on writing/blogging. I hope to continue to grow, along with others, in the expressions of my feelings and opinions on love, dating, relationships, mindful living, spirituality, motivation, inspiration and much more.

I began this site in late January of 2016. I started adding drafts of old articles I had published and old articles I wrote, but never submitted at the time. All the published works have since been re-titled and the content has changed somewhat but the message is still the same from all my original publications. They have just found a new home, and are published in their original form, unedited, unchained.

I worked slowly because of my work as a teacher and student of government and international politics. Even though I have degrees in government and political studies, along with post graduate degrees in education, I still consider myself a student; a life-long learner. I added a few articles a day until I finally had the courage to launch the page live on February 16th, 2016.

Today I continue to add a few new articles to this site each day. Some categories are filled with articles, some only have a few at the moment, but it is still in the early stages of development. However, from here on out, we will all witness the potential growth of this site; this community live and in real time.

While all of the original articles up right now as of this publication release date are mine, I have a few that will be released shortly from other friends and people who have already expressed interest in following and contributing. It is my sincere hope that all of us will inspire those of you who read this to contribute your own story, experience, advice, opinions, etc. 

This is intended to be an inclusive site. You do not need to be a professional writer to contribute a piece to a category you feel inspired to write about and share with us.

The mission is simple. Let your voice be heard, not silenced! 

If you feel so inclined, write to me! I will publish your works. I have a few things I would like to inform those who wish to write and be published on this site to keep in mind:

  1. What does your story offer to the readers? Would you want to read and share what you wrote?
  2. Be mindful, be respectful. It is okay to not like something, or disagree or offer a dissenting opinion. We can still have an authentic voice and be respectful.
  3. Ideally, try to keep your words between 500-2000. Obviously to be under by a few words or over is acceptable, but that is generally the “sweet spot.”
  4. I will revise all submissions to the best of my ability to make your voice strong if needed. I will also add a featured image that I feel best matches your article. If you have an original image you would like to add, feel free to add the picture with your submission. You will be credited as the author of your work at the end of the publication and either myself or another may be credited as an editor if needed.
  5. It will never be my intent to turn ANYONE away. I value all who wish to contribute and will work with you as much as necessary to help you get the most out of each submission. The only type of submission I would and will turn away are those that are hate-filled or insight negative connotations or exclusionary pieces on the page. We are not here to dissent, but to grow together. Members of a community may disagree and dissent at times, but if we are mindful in our choice of words, we can still be “Unchained.”
  6. Finally, anyone who is interested in writing, submit your writings/blogs to I will do my best to get your piece up on the page as soon as possible. You can simply write your piece in the email itself. I advise writing on a word document first, then copying and pasting it to the email. I can take it from there. (I would prefer non-attached documents, since there is always the possibility of getting a virus if I open a file.)

It is my hope that this small seed that has been planted a few days ago will eventually over time blossom in to a beautiful garden that will help people better understand matters such as love, mindfulness, spirituality, passions, learning from life lessons, motivate and inspire people from the stories we tell. I encourage all to give it a shot.

What is life but the continued learning from others from the life experiences of others? Pay it forward, be the one who inspires and shares with another. I have been inspired by a few special people in my life, and those are the stories I wish to “pay forward” to readers and followers. I do this to honor them and in hopes to help people find their passion and better understand and relate to certain aspects of my life that I share with the world.

On a final note, you can also follow this site on Facebook at “Unchained Voice” and on Twitter and Instagram @adubz003 (Twitter) abwilkinson123 (Instagram.) I post many daily quotes and usually one featured article a day normally on those social media pages.

I hope you all grow to enjoy this page as much as I have enjoyed creating it so far. I would love to see many contribute. There is no cost to join, no fees, only the simple click of a button to follow, and hopefully a dose of inspiration to participate.

Let us throw off our shackles together and open up our expressions and “Unchain” our inner voice to be heard by the world.

~Adam Wilkinson



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