image About “Unchained”

“Speak and you shall be heard!”

“Unchained” is a category of this site like no other. While many of my other blogs/publications deal with specific topics, this category is for those free-thinkers, opinion-makers, silenced voices yearning to be heard and much more.

I recognize and appreciate that we all have a voice. We offer our opinions, knowledge, life lessons and even judgments on almost everything we come across whether we consciously or subconsciously do it. It is a part of being human.

I want there to be no limits, no topics off-bounds for this category. If you feel so inspired to share your thoughts, opinions or just feel the need to get something off your chest, this is the place to do so. The only thing I ask is that we remain respectful of the opinions of others. If you do not like something you see, feel free to disagree and perhaps write your own piece for publication!

My hope is however that this is a place where it can bring people closer together and help us bond as a community. This can be a place where we get to know each other personally and express our views off the topics of this site. While it is inevitable that people will always judge (myself included) let us do so in a mindful and respectful manner. It is my hope that this becomes a place of sharing thoughts and opinions, not bashing and criticizing others. Always keep a mentality of “be mindful, be respectful.”

I do not want to discourage people from participating and reading. However, I am going to keep a few things away from this category and this site all together.

No hate or anything related to inciting hate. 

It is acceptable to dislike something, or offer an opinion about how bad we feel something is, like for example (in my opinion) standardized testing in education. I may express my disdain (and I may very well do so officially soon!) for those who came up with Common Core standards/assessments (luckily I teach in one of the four states that has State standards, not Common Core, but even though we dodged that bullet, we still emphasize standardized testing) but I will refrain from bashing those responsible personally. Offering my opinion on someone’s politics, actions or ideas is in bounds, writing hate filled words about them personally is out of bounds.

I would like everyone to view “Unchained” in there own way. Maybe this is poetry and you feel like sharing a poem with us about how much you loved your ex, or love you partner. Maybe you feel it is a “missed connections” page where you would like to share a story about how you missed a chance at love or a chance to travel or a regret that you carry. Maybe you want to write a review about your favorite movie, book or TV show. “Unchained” can be whatever we as a community design it to be.

Some blog sites frown upon “emotionalism.” I will include a video from Waylon Lewis, founder of, where I did my apprenticeship for learning how to blog. I have mixed feelings about his statements of why emotionalism “isn’t cool” for bloggers. I will let you be the judge of that. However, as it pertains to this site, I feel that we should be more expressive, more inclusive, and if that means displaying a bit more “emotionalism,” then so be it. This is the forum to do so. Other categories we can offer words that can be beneficial to readers, but this category has less boundaries, less parameters and a heart and soul.

That heart and soul will depend on all of us and our contributions, whether it be to “unchained” or any other category on this site.

If you feel you have something that you want to have published and share with the world that you feel inspired to write about that fits what you feel this category is, submit your writing in a word document to Your piece will be proof read and then published with a snappy photo and wallah! You will then be a published blogger!

It is my hope that this becomes the heart and soul of the site. Your contributions to the other categories will help us have a site where people learn and find benefit in value in the words of the authors, but “Unchained” is going to be our home away from home. Where you do not need validation for your words or thoughts. All you need is the courage to be heard and you shall. I look forward to, and I hope to see many interesting stories, opinions, life lessons and everything in between that will end up in this category. 

“Emotionalism” for bloggers – What is it? One man’s opinion:

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