image Finding and Taming a Unicorn

Throughout history, people have searched for these majestic creatures. The mystique and myth of the unicorn has evolved throughout time as its origins can be traced to ancient biblical and spiritual texts.

Popular culture today associates unicorns with love, peace and mysticism. Fairy tale endings sometimes will depict two lovers and a unicorn, a symbol that true love is found when a unicorn is present, a special and unique love that rarely exists. A unicorn to me is someone who I have found true love with; someone that I could search the heavens and earth for and never find again.

How many of us actually get that fairy tale ending and find their unicorn? Not many, because if so, then the unicorn would not be special, it would then be common. All love is special, but unicorns represent more than just a special love to me. It represents my acknowledgment that I found beauty in a woman that words can’t do any justice to the feelings I have for my unicorn.

I have had that fairy tale ending finding my unicorn. The unicorn turned out to be the greatest love of my life. Thoughts raced through my mind about how fortunate I was to have found such an amazing girl who completed my being and fulfilled every hope and desire I could look and hope for in a partner.

She was the best of the best. It took me over almost one-third of my life to find and catch her, but when I did, my heart never felt so full of happiness.

My unicorn was with me for almost a year. During this year I was impervious to any pain or suffering. Nothing but love and joy were in my heart.

The legend of the unicorn is that they have special healing powers. They can heal the sick with a drop of their blood. My heart that had been shattered, and the parts that did remain were closed off. My unicorn healed me.

She was the girl of my dreams. I would often lose myself gazing in her eyes. Our physical chemistry was so deep and passionate that my body would react at the first sight of her. Arousal, excitement and a feeling a child-like giddiness were feelings and physical responses I could not control.

When I finally learned how to control my reactions around her, our conversations were deep and stimulating. Rarely have I been matched so perfectly on an intellectual level. This is not to say we both knew everything, or have far superior intellects compared to everyone else, but we were no dummies either as we both were highly educated or knew how to think. We were simply equals in our level of intelligence which added to the passion we both felt for each other.

We both talked the same way, thought the same way, believed in the same things, had an uncontrollable physical attraction toward one another and we just “got” each other.

We experienced things we have never experienced before. We journeyed to places both physically and emotionally that neither of us have ever gone.

It all seemed and felt too perfect. Much like the mystique and myth of the unicorn, the truth did not hold up to the legend. The truth in this case, being the ultimate outcome of our time together, did not match the fairy tale ending that many of us associate with unicorns.

The truth hit me one day when my unicorn suddenly left. There was no sufficient reason given. The previous weekend we were on a beach making love under the moonlight. This was no ordinary occurrence, as we connected so deeply during this particular encounter that the level of intensity has never even been closely matched for me to this day.

When we returned, she disappeared. Much like the mysterious unicorn, she was gone from my life. I had to accept that she was no longer a part of my life anymore. No returned text messages or phone calls until a few weeks passed. Her words and feelings I keep private, but even though they made sense to me, it did not lessen the blow of losing such a rare find.

Then I began to realize that the myth of the unicorn does not match the reality of the unicorn.

A unicorn is a mythical beast that is said to fend for its own life. They can’t be tamed by anyone and will fight for their lives to maintain their freedom. Unicorns do have healing powers, but they are in reality of the myth, more hostile and aggressive than as a symbol of love and caring. They will mysteriously appear and disappear, but it is always for a specific purpose they make an appearance.

My unicorn did all of the above mentioned. She appeared out of nowhere; healed me, forever changed me and then suddenly disappeared from my life.

As I look back now and make all the comparisons, I realize she was never meant to be tamed such as the reality of a true unicorn that is depicted in all of the ancient texts. She was wild, unique, special and mysterious and tamed my heart while fighting to keep hers free from capture.

I like to think she continues to roam the earth; finding others to heal and changing their lives as she did mine.

I have since given up the search for unicorns because I feel fortunate to have found one in my lifetime. The feelings felt and the lessons learned I know will never be matched by another. Vive Intenso! This is one of the many lessons I learned from my unicorn and a mantra I will always follow as she did.

My heart is open for love and I am a better lover for it. I feel lucky and blessed to have found a unicorn and it fills my soul to know that I was able to tame one for a short time before she suddenly broke free from her chains. I feel fortunate to have felt her healing powers and that for what now seems like the briefest of moments in the timeline of my life had found and tamed a unicorn.

If you’re looking for true love, you may want to call off the search for the unicorns of the world. However, if you want a life changing experience, keep your eyes open and hope in your heart and maybe you will be as lucky as I was to have had the experience to find and tame, if only for the briefest of moments a special creature that will lure you in, capture your heart, change your life forever, and then disappear without a trace.

Author: Adam Wilkinson


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